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When asked about why I love marketing and advertising I always refer to one of the first “big” ads I ever did for a weekly newspaper called The Nickel. I had repeatedly called on a woman who owned a Garden Center. Her location was pretty good, near traffic, plenty of parking and good quality products, but sales where slow. After several weeks of calling on her, dropping off a paper, and getting to know her business, she finally said she was ready to do an ad in the paper. I was excited I had only been working for the paper for a few months and this ad was a very nice size. I took the information back to my office and got the ad done, ran it back out to her, where she approved the advertisement with a few minor changes and back to production where the paper would be printed! Just like magic, Thursday her ad was in the Nickel page 3. I ran the paper out to the client and she was excited!  There were already several people on the premises shopping. She hugged me and ran off to help her customers. I felt wonderful, the ad worked and she was getting business. I stopped by the next week ready to see if she was ready to run again and to my amazement she said, "let me think about it" call her back before the week’s deadline. Shocked I said I would call and I did,I actually called several times with; “not sure yet”.  So, I put on my best face and said “ok” how about next week she said ok give her a call.


Well that week’s paper was finished and off to the printer, when I received a call from the the Garden Center, she was nearly begging me to get her ad in again. I told her that there really was no way I could get it in, the paper was at the printer... being printed. She sighed, and said a few words I will always remember, “You helped me make payroll last week, now what am I going to do?”

I stopped selling ads or spots that day. I know that my job is help that business to succeed. So, they can keep their doors open by paying their rent, their vendors and yes, their employee’s.

I know that if I keep this belief, success will come to those I work with and in turn it will come to me.

If this is the type of person you want handling your advertising and marketing my company might just be what you are looking for.


Bob Carson


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