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Advertising and marketing are extensions of how the public perceives your business, products and services. CarsonMcHugh Marketing will show you how to connect the diverse marketing elements available then to weld all the aspects of your business together to build a strong foundation. Customer interaction, advertising concept, internal marketing, media mix, media placement and signage are all creating an image and a brand of how your business is recognized by current and future customers.

CarsonMcHugh Marketing is proficient in working with various business types and facilitating a vast array of projects including; media creative, media placement, logo design, concept developement, event coordination, project management, mobile marketing, social media intergration, signage, web design, customized production and merchandising.

Whether you need television, radio or print production, direct mail, media placement, text messaging or a unique customized element of your marketing plan. CarsonMcHugh Marketing has worked with several local and regional business in Medford, Southern Oregon, the Oregon Coast and has placed targeted media campaigns across the United States with great success.